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Upcoming articles

Consider this a list of ideas more than something set in stone – I’m going to note down here articles I will (hopefully) have the time to work on:

  • Live config reloads: updating your application in-flight
  • Build your own HTTP web framework in Golang
  • Building a reverse proxy in Golang for fun and profit
  • HTTP 101: building an HTTP server from scratch
  • MySQL features I can’t wait to happen (ttl, archival, implicit grouping)
  • Implementing a queue in MySQL 8 with SKIP LOCKED
  • What’s next for the ABS programming language
  • Book review: Shape Up
  • Log sampling to the rescue
  • Building a scalable analytics event tracking system for fun and profit (go webserver + dataflow + bq + security + IP address info)
  • Database indexes for those who don’t understand them
  • Microk8s 1.19 unauthorized error
  • TLP to the rescue (of your battery)
  • Running command-line applications with the ABS programming language
  • ABS 2: what we did, where we are, what’s gonna happen next
  • HTTP/3
  • I didn’t know hoisting, and I lived to tell the tale
  • Running Go programs in the browser
  • Vipe: the unix command line utility for editing secrets
  • xkill: killing programs from a GUI, without a PID
  • tput: getting nasty with your terminal
  • The ABS language in real life #: dynamic SSH tunneling
  • People I know who influence me (bhajduk,acinelli,mpracucci,ftrucchia,glana,thunt,shelme)
  • Hiring managers shoudln’t care about your notice period
  • Automating tasks with Google Chrome and Puppeteer
  • Probabilistic data structures: count-min sketch
  • (Fake) SSL everywhere
  • Hiring a remote team: not a silver bullet
  • Stop it with the dogmas already: 5 worst-practices that repeatedly saved my bum (shared databases, memoization through setInterval, no tests, no ORM, good old MySQL)
  • patterns of stability: circuit-breakers
  • Performance made simple: use the memory, Luke!

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