Intro to React for busy people

In order to get our backend team to familiarize with React, I ran a quick intro to the library, based on “evolving” a JSFiddle from a single, static component to adding UI interactions, using props / state and so on. Nothing groundbreaking but something that covers the most important bits of React.

I summarized my intro in a repo called “React in 1000 words” and wanted to share it here as well, in case anyone finds it useful.

The goal of the guide is to get people who haven’t worked with React before familiar with the most important concepts, and illustrate how easy it is to compose interfaces based on loosely-coupled React components. Feel free to send a PR, but let’s keep the word count low! :)

Hi there! I recently wrote an ebook on web application security, currently sold on leanpub, the Amazon Kindle store and gumroad.

It contains 160+ pages of content dedicated to securing web applications and improving your security awareness when building web apps, with chapters ranging from explaining how to secure HTTP cookies with the right flags to understanding why it is important to consider joining a bug bounty program.

Feel free to skim through some of the free chapters published on this blog and, if the content seems interesting enough to you, grab a copy on leanpub, the Amazon Kindle store, gumroad or simply checkout right down below!

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