How to discover if a site has been built with Joomla!

Today I’ve updated my customers’ requests’ list with a particular one from an hair stylist products’ reseller.

The mail body:

home page restyling

and nothing else matters.

I’m not kiddind: not an “Hello guys” nor a thank for the patience we paied to read the mail ( the 19 letters that compose the whole mail! ).

So, no probs!

I asked, in the reply, if they need a complete restyling of the site and …{other boring stuff}… …but the big question was: how was their site built?

Current site’s layout sucks at all so, I’ve thought, it has been built with frontpage or simple HTML+CSS old way ( like this blog’s layout, but more ridicolous ).

No: after a while I’ve decided to know if they were using a CMS and it came out they use Joomla!.

How did I found it out? Let’s take a look to the ways you can recognize a Joomla!-based site.


Dynamic URLs, in Joomla!, are something like:

but this site used static URLs.


Generator metatag

The generator metatag defines Joomla! 1.5 as the software that builds the site; unfortunately, it missed here.


HTML source

In HTML source of the webpages of the site you can find lots of signs of the usage of Joomla!:

and many others.

Ridicolous, this site used a source encryption tool!


Standard URLs

I’ve tried to type a standard URL like index.php?option=com_user but I got a forbidden error: what a stupid webmaster built this site, trying to hide that he used Joomla!



The backend of the site was protected by a php script.

This appeared to me like a confirmation of the usage of Joomla! because the webmaster could have used any URL he wanted to reach the backend of the site; although I cannot directly get to the backend of the CMS, the fact that the /administrator path was the backend of the site made me realize that it was a Joomla!-based site, but I needed a new confirmation.


Template blocks

So I’ve reached:

and it suddenly appeared the typical Joomla!’s template blocks view.

Next one, sheriff!

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