Book review: Data-Intensive Text Processing with MapReduce

As part of my studies not directly connected to my job, in the last month I’ve finished this interesting book, which gives you a good overview about MapReduce.

Jimmy Lin and Chris Dyer nailed this one: the book is really clear and leaves room for further studies, maybe more practical ones: the book starts with the definition of MapReduce, from the algorithm to the execution framework and the analyzes each part of the algorithm and theyr variants in some frameworks, like Hadoop1.

After studying the components of MapReduce you will take a practical look at possible implementations2, from graph algorithms to the pagerank one: note that there are so many references in the book, so if you will be into it, you’re gonna find yourself screwed in a nerdy loop :)

The EM chapter (dealing with expectation-maximization algorithms) was pretty difficult for me, as it’s too much time that I don’t take math that seriously, but I – however – was able to follow all the theory explained there.

Something that I really appreciated was the closing remark stating that, just like every technology, is not the right pick for every problem – think about stateful large scale data-processing algorithms.

I strongly recommend you to read such this kind of book: the approach followed by the writers is so engineered and some examples they give, like the stupid backoff, are pearls for your working experience.

  1. But please remember, this book is not any kind of Hadoop guide
  2. Which are code-agnostic, as everything is written in a pretty clear pseudo-code

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