Namshi is looking for a new Lead Developer!

As some of you know, I am currently employed by Namshi, a Rocket Internet venture, here in Dubai, since almost a year: recently, our CTO Halil decided to move forward and start a new adventure pretty far from here so, as part of me taking care of other things than development, we are looking for a new Lead Developer who can strive, with the team, towards excellence.

We are in the process of building new applications and API to move towards a SOA architecture, using cutting-edge libraries (like Symfony2), tools (like Behat and Composer) and practices.

The Job Description is still on his way but I can post here some of the competencies that we are looking forward to warmly welcome in the crazy Namshi family:

The salary reflects the demand of skills that we are looking for, and you will be responsible of the day-to-day development of our applications.

Just to mention: the United Arab Emirated are a tax-free country, the weather is amazing (even though for a couple months, during the summer, its really hot) and it’s an all-around country, meaning that if you want, you can enjoy the glamorous side of Dubai or, if you dont feel like1, you can head towards the old town and enjoy the cultural meshup made of Indonesia, Thai and Indian food or Arab heritage.

I rushed this post, I know, so you can ask for more informations in the comments or, even better, drop me an email at [email protected].


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