GraphDB in PHP: time for the serious stuff

This weekend I’ve been, for the first time in my life, in Poland, to speak at their national PHP conference.

We – as I was co-speaking with David – introduced to the audience the fantastic ecosystem of graph databases, which are storage system using graphs as their primary data structures.

They rule for many reasons that I won’t explain here, so I embed the presentation:

We had a little demo at the end of the talk, and everything went fine except for the last feature we wanted to show; we eventually noticed that it didn’t work because of a missing fixture in the DB, what a disappointment!

PHPCon Poland was really funny, although we weren’t able to follow the 99% of the talks, as they were in Polish.

Saturday night was really intense because of the chats we had with the guys there about our talk and, later, the drinks.

And now?

On our way back to home we started working on the only huge miss of Orient ( our ODM for OrientDB ): persisting PHP objects to the DB ( the opposite process is almost finished, it was subject of the beta-5 milestone that we have almost finished ).

Rock the graph out :)

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