The 2017 blogging pledge

Last year I wrote 12 posts, which makes it a decent average of once a month.

Even though I would have liked to be able to blog more often (and do some more public coding: there are at least ¾ projects I have worked on without getting them far enough to make it to github), I’m still happy with the outcome so far — at the end of the day this blog still attracts a few hundred visitors a day and I’m happy as long as I retain those numbers.

For 2017 I would like, though, to follow a different approach while try to put in the same amount of effort, with – hopefully – better results.

One post a month is generally easy to achieve, especially when you aim low and publish very short pieces (BUSTED!), something I want to change by working with a different approach:

I have noted down the list of posts I would like to blog about in the archives section of the blog, so you can always get an idea of what I’m working on — hopefully this year I will be able to deliver more in-depth, exhaustive, well-thought articles to my (few) readers.

See ya!

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