The 2017 blogging pledge

Last year I wrote 12 posts, which makes it a decent average of once a month.

Even though I would have liked to be able to blog more often (and do some more public coding: there are at least ¾ projects I have worked on without getting them far enough to make it to github), I’m still happy with the outcome so far — at the end of the day this blog still attracts a few hundred visitors a day and I’m happy as long as I retain those numbers.

For 2017 I would like, though, to follow a different approach while try to put in the same amount of effort, with – hopefully – better results.

One post a month is generally easy to achieve, especially when you aim low and publish very short pieces (BUSTED!), something I want to change by working with a different approach:

I have noted down the list of posts I would like to blog about in the archives section of the blog, so you can always get an idea of what I’m working on — hopefully this year I will be able to deliver more in-depth, exhaustive, well-thought articles to my (few) readers.

See ya!

Hi there! I recently wrote an ebook on web application security, currently sold on leanpub, the Amazon Kindle store and gumroad.

It contains 160+ pages of content dedicated to securing web applications and improving your security awareness when building web apps, with chapters ranging from explaining how to secure HTTP cookies with the right flags to understanding why it is important to consider joining a bug bounty program.

Feel free to skim through some of the free chapters published on this blog and, if the content seems interesting enough to you, grab a copy on leanpub, the Amazon Kindle store, gumroad or simply checkout right down below!

Buy the Web Application Security ebook for $9.99

In the mood for some more reading?

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