Chrome's DevTools console getting cleared unexpectedly? Blame the Buffer extension!

This was a funny one! After weeks thinking the Chrome team might have messed up, I finally got frustrated and looked for a solution to one of the weirdest problems I had encountered: the DevTool’s console getting cleared unexpectedly.

I use the console on a daily basis to be able to debug applications, so it was fairly annoying to see the logs being wiped out unless I ticked the “Preserve log” checkbox — an error would occur, I would open the console only to find it blank. To make the matter worse, if I’d try to reload the page, I could see the error blink on the console for a fraction of a second, only for it to be cleared under mysterious circumstances.

Eventually, after a few weeks of enabling “Preserve log”, I bumped into this thread on Chrome’s forum and realized I had Buffer installed as well: turning off the extension magically gave me my console back. Don’t ask why, don’t ask how — all that matters to me is that I got my DevTools back :)


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