Please welcome the Doctrine2 OrientDB ODM

It took almost 2 years from the first commit, but OrientDB’s PHP ODM has been finally moved to the Doctrine organization.

New daddy

I’ve blogged so many times about an imminent integration into the Doctrine ecosystem, but due to the workload of our contributors and some major issues we wanted to solve before this, we were only able to seriously approach the Doctrine team today.

This is a very good news, as we will be able to take advantage of the experience of all the doctrine contributors as well as have a bigger stage where we can show the ODM: the biggest part of the ODM is still pending (persistence), but HTTP binding, query builder and object hydration are working like a charm, and the few bugs that we face in real-world scenarios are solved in a matter of minutes.

And now?

All the namespaces have been changed, so the old Congow\Orient has been replaced by Doctrine\ODM\OrientDB and Doctrine\OrientDB: if you were already using the library, you will need to work on the migration a bit.

You may also want to have a look at the new Packagist page, as it contains the references to the new repository.

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