If you love AngularJS, you should definitely join us...we're hiring!

In order to expand our team we are now looking for a frontend JavaScript developer that loves Angular and wants to drown under loads of ng-*, FPS optimizations and building the frontends for our Service Oriented Architecture.

If you are also interested in helping on the whole stack, here’s a summary of the rest of the technologies we’re using down here at Namshi:

I must admit that is has been pretty exciting to get our hands dirty with all of these (and the less attractive ones as well :-P).

Dubai is a pretty nice place and we are very open to relocations: if I’m writing this blog post it’s because I would like to reach everyone on the internet who wants to give it a shot, and not only our connections here in Dubai.

Namshi is a fun workplace and you’re gonna be working with an highly skilled team with the goal of delivering the best customer experience in the Middle East, through a website that should ideally render in ~100ms, powered by lotsa APIs.

So yeah, what are you waiting for? ng-apply now!

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