Tips and Tricks for you Service-Oriented Architecture

Today I gave the first of my 2 presentations scheduled for the CakeFest here in San Francisco, “Tips and Tricks for your SOA”.

It basically contains a few tips derived from our experience at Namshi while building our own service-oriented architecture, and I hope, since there’s not that much material about SOA out there, that this can serve as a good feedback from who is actually embracing this architectural style.

As always, the slides are on slideshare, and I’m embedding the presentation here for those who immediately want to have a look at it:

Tomorrow, as per the conference’s schedule, I will be giving my other talk, “HTTP colon slash slash: end of the road?”, a remake of what I presented at the IPC in Mainz last year, with some more contents and – hopefully – fancier slides :-P


Hi there! I recently wrote an ebook on web application security, currently sold on leanpub, the Amazon Kindle store and gumroad.

It contains 160+ pages of content dedicated to securing web applications and improving your security awareness when building web apps, with chapters ranging from explaining how to secure HTTP cookies with the right flags to understanding why it is important to consider joining a bug bounty program.

Feel free to skim through some of the free chapters published on this blog and, if the content seems interesting enough to you, grab a copy on leanpub, the Amazon Kindle store, gumroad or simply checkout right down below!

Buy the Web Application Security ebook for $9.99

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