Tips and Tricks for you Service-Oriented Architecture

Today I gave the first of my 2 presentations scheduled for the CakeFest here in San Francisco, “Tips and Tricks for your SOA”.

It basically contains a few tips derived from our experience at Namshi while building our own service-oriented architecture, and I hope, since there’s not that much material about SOA out there, that this can serve as a good feedback from who is actually embracing this architectural style.

As always, the slides are on slideshare, and I’m embedding the presentation here for those who immediately want to have a look at it:

Tomorrow, as per the conference’s schedule, I will be giving my other talk, “HTTP colon slash slash: end of the road?”, a remake of what I presented at the IPC in Mainz last year, with some more contents and – hopefully – fancier slides :-P


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