Speaking about AngularJS, SOA and OrientDB in Montreal at the Confoo 2014

I am very happy to announce that next February I will be attending the Confoo 2014 and speaking as well, with a good lineup of talks:

For the first time ever, I have to admit it, I will be presenting 3 topics that have very different backgrounds, and, as the days go by, I realize that working at Namshi has been terrific under this point of view: we have the ability of experimenting with different technologies and use the best out on the market, something that gets translated into the ability of having a 360° overview of the market.

For me it will be the first time in the cold lands of Canada, and I can’t wait to make the most out of this trip: I always had a very good opinion about canadians in general, hope this trip will confirm my random thoughts.

If you have the chance to join, don’t miss this amazing event: the schedule speaks for itself and I am thrilled to be part of such an amazing speakers’ lineup — which I obviously ruin :–) !

Hi there! I recently wrote an ebook on web application security, currently sold on leanpub, the Amazon Kindle store and gumroad.

It contains 160+ pages of content dedicated to securing web applications and improving your security awareness when building web apps, with chapters ranging from explaining how to secure HTTP cookies with the right flags to understanding why it is important to consider joining a bug bounty program.

Feel free to skim through some of the free chapters published on this blog and, if the content seems interesting enough to you, grab a copy on leanpub, the Amazon Kindle store, gumroad or simply checkout right down below!

Buy the Web Application Security ebook for $9.99

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