Book review: Node.js Design Patterns (1st edition)

This is a book that was recommended to me by one of my former colleagues, but turned out to be pretty disappointing.

Node.js design patterns gives you a few interesting pointers, like a complete overview of streams or implementing a service locator / container in Node — but to me it feels like that most of the topics covered in the book are either too basic or general (on a side note: most of the code / explanations are still relevant because they’re generic, and that’s a plus).

I think it might be that the book is intended for a different audience, so I won’t make too many assumptions or criticize the book too much. In addition, there’s a 2nd edition, with an additional author, that has come out in 2016, so it might be that the newer edition kicks asses (the person that recommended me this read had the 2nd edition, but I wasn’t aware when I bought the book).

…if only I had known :)

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