Book review: Cloud Native infrastructure

This goes right into the list of books I really wanted to like but kind of disappointed me.

The book is structured extremely well, so it comes out as a very enjoyable read. One downside, though, becomes fairly evident a few chapters in: it isn’t practical at all, describes few patterns and instead focuses a lot on processes, advices and high-level description of approaches you should follow to embrace CN infrastructure.

I was probably expecting too much, but when I read the book’s description on the Kindle store:

This practical guide shows you how to design and maintain infrastructure capable of managing the full lifecycle of these implementations.

I got fairly excited and proceeded to buy.

Again, as I mentioned the book is really nice to read — I devoured it during my daily commute to work, and that’s something you don’t expect from most technical books. When it comes to content, though, I found it a tad repetitive and without many real-world examples / lessons, so it felt more of an “abstract” book around the Cloud Native ecosystem than anything else.

I would have definitely appreciated if the last chapter, which serves as an introduction to interesting patterns such as circuit breaking, would have gone more into details: it might have been out of the scope of the book but would have definitely made it feel more “hands-on”.

At the end of the day, Cloud Native infrastructure goes down as an introductory guide to the CN world. I’d recommend you to read it if you just started approaching the ecosystem.

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