Magento's request doesn't collect GET and POST

[UPDATE: found out the real problem]

Recently, we had to move an application from the staging environment to pre-production ( where stage means we show it to the customer and pre-production is the customer hosts it waiting for the go-live ) without the possibility of replicating the whole VM due to incompatibility issues for the VM conversion ( VMware to Xen, if I correctly rembember ).

After setting up the new environment we experienced serious issue on the search engine and other minor components related with GET and POST parameters: after a while we compared the installations of PHP to find out the problem and it came out that the PCRE extension used in the new environment ( CentOS, if I – again – correctly remember ) was released in 2006 ( version 6.something ).

You can check it from the phpinfo() looking for:

After updating ( version 7.8 ) it everything got normal.

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