Things I ask during interviews

Today I was wasting my time on a trip back home and finally got to create an OS repo I was thinking of for the past ¾ weeks: a brief list of questions I ask during interviews.

You will find the list split in conceptual areas: there’s some stuff related to frontend, some purely logical question, something related to history of programming and so on. This will definitely help me doing my next interview, and you might as well take some inspiration for when you don’t really know what to ask.

If you want to contribute to the list simply send a PR and I will be more than happy to merge your suggestion!

PS: the way I structure interviews

As an addendum, I wanted to share the way I conduct interviews (it would be nice to get a feedback on this, if you don’t mind): I usually spend 5/10 minutes describing the company, the organization of the tech team and what we are looking for, to then let the candidate talk about himself for another 10 minutes.

After that, it’s time for some of these questions and, when I think I’m done, I let the candidate ask me anything, since I think it’s important to have clear ideas on both sides.

Suggestions are mostly welcome!

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