Nikki 0.25.1: let's play with the filesystem!

In the last 24 hours I rolled out some changes I actually personally needed to get way more productive than ever on nikki, and leave my old-school IDE turned off.

If you are new to nikki, you might want to read this introductory post I wrote a while ago.

What’s new?

Probably the most needed feature, at least by me, is to be able to look for a text in files, and it has been rudimentally implemented while I will focus, in the next days, on how to make this much more user-friendly: in any case, by activating the search bar through ctrl + shift + g you are going to search in grep mode, which means that instead of looking by file name we are gonna grep the content of those files.

As you see in the screenshot above, Nikki then returns you a list of files and highlights the matches: what I want to work on, then, is to be able to click on those matches and open that file at that specific line.

How about other changes?

What’s fixed?

How do I get all this awesomeness?

As simple as running an npm install -g nikki if this is the first time you hear about it: for the ones who already have it installed on their systems simply run a npm update -g nikki.

Then open a terminal, type nikki and let the show begin!

What’s next?

I’m giving 100% priority to bugs before implementing new features: given I’m using nikki on a daily basis I usually find gotchas and fix them straight away.

If there are not gonna be too many fixes to do I will focus on making the editor “smarter”, by improving the search in files and adding find / find & replace functionalities (the ACE editor has built-in support for them, so shouldn’t be that much of a problem).

Keep an eye on the github project and let me know your feedback!

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