Deploying 3 times a day without a downtime

At the beginning of September, part of the Namshi team attended the 2015 Rocket Tech Summit in Berlin, a 2-days event that brought together rocketers from all over the world: the event was focused on knowledge sharing among many of the ventures that have been launched by Rocket, but we also got the chance to hear some kick-ass presentations from industry leaders like Amazon, Google and ThoughtWorks.

Manuel and I had a couple slots to share how we handle a few things at Namshi (his presentation was more focused on how we do mobile) and I’m happy to share, as usual, the slides here: my presentation was mostly dealing with how we try to build the architecture in order to be confident enough to change, deploy and evolve the software without getting tangled in those typical problems (read: slowness) that bigger companies usually face.

You can also have a look at the presentation on slideshare…and I’d be really glad to hear your feedback!

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