Contributing to the Zend Framework via GitHub

So, I managed to integrate some crap I daily write into the Zend Framework 2 git repository, and here’s how to do that.


The “real” repository of the ZF2 isn’t on Github but, someway, they are managing to integrate pull requests from the Github mirror to the real repo hosted by Zend Technologies.

Thanks to this, you only need to fork it and work on what you’d like to change, improve or implement.

From my viewpoint, I needed to integrate into the Zend\Service\Twitter an API to retrieve the users who retweeted a certain tweet, identified by an ID.

So, first thing you should do is take a look at the tests of the class you are working on to confidently understand how the hell your code can be tested: after doing so, you can write a test which should cover your functionality.

Then you can run your tests with PHPUnit:

Launching your test with PHPUnit
phpunit --bootstrap tests/Bootstrap.php tests/Zend/Service/Twitter/TwitterTest.php

and see that something is failing :)

So, here’s the actual work, you can implement your functionality using ZF2 coding standards without messing around things: in my case, it was all about less than 5 LoCs.


Good: you have just done a work for the PHP community, and you are ready to ask an integration in the real ZF2 codebase: be aware, you need a couple formalities for completing the job.

First of all, download the CLA ( contributor license agreement ): print, fill, scan and send it to [email protected].

If this seems weird to you, consider the fact that you are just signing a paper telling that you are not submitting copyrighted code and so on: so, Zend Framework, is just basically defending itself from jackasses :)

Try to understand it, please.

After that, you’ll be contacted from a lady at Zend Technologies asking to create an account on ZF bug tracker: 2 minutes and you’re done.


Ready to go?

Go to your github forked repository and create a pull request, better if you include a couple of informations with it.

That’s all, folks!

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