I broke the REST

I’ve made a few mistakes with this plugin, called sfRestWebServicePlugin.

Time to regret

Cool thing, I’ve been cited as its author in the Symfony Live conference in Paris and, before seeing some people ranting here, I just want to make clear one concept: its aim is not to be your way to write a RESTful webservice.

Also, at the time I wrote it, I made a few mistakes in the implementations, which desn’t make it really a software respecting the RESTful constraints.

I’ve been young

What I hate about it?

These are just a few points.

Since I don’t want to evolve it, nor fix it, pretend to use it understanding this kind of limitations.

HATEOAS can’t be generalized

Since the hypermedia constraint of REST is a domain-specific-workflow dependant concept, just forget about any magic plugin that tells it can generate a RESTful version of your service: it just can’t be.

Any kind of plugin can help you design a RESTful interface for your service, not build it from scratch to the end.

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