Dell XPS 13 9310: USB-C port not recognizing external devices

Just a quick one as I got back from my holidays and got taken aback by a glitch in my XPS.

My right USB-C port stopped recognizing external devices yesterday: it would be able to charge my laptop through the regular charger but I couldn’t get it to recognize or charge neither my airpods or phone.

After digging a little bit around the Dell support forums I found someone having luck by just restarting the laptop (though letting it rest for a while).

So that’s exactly what I did — turned off the laptop, let it rest for a few hours (actually, overnight) and then turn it back on again… …and the problem was gone. Worth to notice that I also tried shutting it down for 1/2m and didn’t work out.

I do believe this is a firmware issue, and I noticed it kicked in by booting the laptop with a device connected to that port. Strange world!

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