We're hiring (again)!

Cross-posting never hurts :)

We’re currently looking for a Sr. DevOps engineer and a Sr. JavaScript engineer here at Namshi: the package is attractive and the learning experience is, in my opinion, well-worth it.

From a DevOps perspective, we work a lot with Docker, Kubernetes, SaltStack, Terraform, Golang and Python — and everything we run is on AWS. As a JS engineer instead, expect to be working on SPAs with Angular or React. And a bit of isomorphic JavaScript never hurts, as well as the ability to dive into the backend with NodeJS. With 50+ microservices, there’s always a chance to learn and experiment over here :)

If you are interested, or happen to know anyone1 feel free to get in touch with me, or drop a line to [email protected].

  1. We have a referral program to reward you in case you forward us a very interesting profile :)

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