Import a Google spreadsheet into a MySQL table with docsql

There’s a lot of open-source software I’m not proud of; probably, though, nothing compares to docsql, as this rare piece of Golang qualifies as one of the weirdest of my creations.

At Namshi, we’ve been using spreadsheets as a mean of configuration for quite some time — you tell the stakeholder “hey, here’s a google doc, if you need to change one of the translations just edit the doc and wait 5 mins” and the bets are down.

Sometimes we actually need to import this data into MySQL (could be a una-tantum import as well as a scheduled job) and we traditionally did this manually, by pulling down a .tsv export from Google docs, amending it and running something such as LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE.

One evening, I found myself wifeless and with a strong desire to try out cobra and viper, so I started to look into automating the process of importing a spreadsheet hosted on Google Docs into a MySQL table: the result was docsql, a small piece of weird software that simply:

and turns this:

into this:

Considering this was a funny experiment to try to automate a task I do quite infrequently1, I don’t think I’m going to spend a lot more time expanding it or adding random features2, but I’m happy to share the source code as I was pleasantly surprised with how straightforward it was to build such a small, isolated CLI tool.

  1. Even if infrequent, it’s still a pain
  2. Especially considering my good old love for the Unix philosophy of “do one thing and do it well…”

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