My last day at Namshi: goodbye folks!

Today, I wave goodbye to the company I supported for the past 7 and a half years, Namshi.

It’s with mixed feeling that I write this blog post, as it’s been a hell of a ride and I recognize I was privileged to get on board just at the right time. It is a truly bittersweet moment to leave behind something you’ve dedicate so much to, but I do feel my time is now: after all of these years I long for a change of scenery, (somewhat) different challenges and new environment to flourish in. It won’t be easy to replicate what we’ve done over the past years, but the least I can do is to try to spread all the good I’ve experienced.

To all my teammates, I thank you for striving to make this happen: we wouldn’t have come anywhere near to where we are right now if it wasn’t for the collective team effort we put over the years. This is a “thank you” that spans 7 years of life, so it goes to the the current team as much as it goes to the ones who were there in 2012, when it was real wild. From the warehouse to HQ, your work was impressive, and it’s a great story in the region.

I want to take a moment to mention the folks in the tech team, as their loyalty and effort have ignited my days for years — if it wasn’t for what my teammates have been putting in day in and day out, I don’t think I could have lasted this long.

Among all of the positive qualities that this tech team developed, there’s one I want to call out: the generosity that is embedded in this team’s DNA is what is going to make me proud for years to come, as how much each and every individual strives to help their teammates is something I haven’t experienced before. I am truly happy to say that we are a team of great software engineers but, way before that, great human beings.

As for myself, I will take a break, and focus on the next crazy ride right after. I’m not planning to get back to work for at least another couple of months, and I haven’t finalized anything yet. What I can say, though, is that I’m not planning to sit down and discuss new opportunities as I’ve already done that and have shortlisted my options. I’m excited about this ambiguity and, more importantly, I’m excited about spending my next couple of months relaxing, recharging my batteries and waiting to see the future unfold in front of me.

Bye folks, it’s been a pleasure.

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