Less REST, more hypermedia

From an entry into the REST-discuss mailing list:

We all know, many APIs and some frameworks labelled with the term “REST”, do
not support hypermedia (or less so called RESTful) mechanisms.
The term is (andlikely will be) very overloaded in the IT industrie.

I think, it is time to push forward terms like “hypermedia service/API” or
“hypermedia-aware client”. Instead of saying “hey i have a RESTful API”, tell
the people “i have a hypermedia API!”.

and my point:

I thought I was the only one saying “hypermedia-aware clients”.
That’s what I’m already doing since some months: since the REST term has been raped during the last decade I am now talking about HTTP (doh) and Hypermedia API.

It’s quite disappointing, but you’ll notice that a few people will ask you “why hypermedia” or “why not REST”, so, at least, they’re gonna dig a bit about that.

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