The Pomodoro Tecnique on your Linux distro

Shortening the post – it’s late and I’m tired – I’ve played with Gambas2 and its wonderful IDE in order to get in touch with Desktop development, one of those things I’ve always missed as a programmer.

So, in order to solve a dilemma I’ve always had with my ubuntu, I started – and finished – to develop a small applet based on the Pomodoro Tecnique.

The whole code is on GitHub.

How does it work?

You can start a 25 minutes pomodoro, which will play a click/clock ring for its entire duration.

In addition, in the last minute, a bell every 15 seconds will notice the upcoming end of the pomodoro.

After the 25 minutes the applet will “launch” a five minutes pause:

which will terminate asking you wheter to start another pomodoro or not.

Available packages

Packages are available for:

and I also provide an executable, for those who already have the Gambas interpreter and don’t want to install the whole package.

For Ubuntuers: the applet will be accessible from Applications > Office.

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