Netflix, you have a problem

This is the story of how Netflix is really trying to be funny…no, super-funny!

I’ve ran a Netflix account for quite some time but, after moving from Rome to Dubai I stopped using the service as it would mean using a VPN and stuff like that which is quite against my principle of keeping things simple.

In the past months, while checking the statements from my italian bank, I noticed that Netflix kept billing me (cool), so I decided to try unsubscribing from here, which turned out to be impossible.

Since I forgot my password, I tried recovering it:

Ok, no worries — it might be that I used another email!

A quick look into my inbox revealed that I was going to face hard times:

I used my regular email but still, Netflix was refusing to let me in from their global website. Could it be that their customer DB is a bit messed up? Maybe if I go for the social login I’ll be able to get into my account:

Should have never tried this one, ya? It amazes me how they cannot even provide complete error messages.

So here I am, unable to unsubscribe from a service I am not using anymore; the only reasonable thing was to try reaching out to these guys and ask them what to do: I did that once, then a second time and, just to be sure, I tried it a couple months ago as well.

All attempts went unheard: it was clear by now that Netflix didn’t really seem to care that much.

Luckily, the credit card I used to sign up expired this month and Netflix could not charge me anymore.

That meant receiving one of the most sarcastic emails ever:

No, Netflix, you have a problem.

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