A few days ago Fabrice Bellard released QuickJS, a small JS engine that targets embedded systems.

Curious to give it a try, I downloaded and set it up on my system to try and understand this incredible piece of software.

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A few weeks ago I released version 1.4.0 (and 1.4.1, with an additional bugfix) of the ABS programming language: in this post, I’d like to explain everything major that made it in this new minor release.

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It’s no secret I’ve been spending some time having fun with ABS, a programming language with a terse and concise syntax that can simplify working with shell commands.

A few weeks ago I needed to remove a file from all of Namshi’s private GitHub repositories and did so with an ABS script.

Let’s get to it!

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While getting ready for 1.0.0, we merged some changes that created a very funny behaviour:

null == null # false

If you’re wondering what the problem is, well, when we evaluate null we always create a new Null object rather than re-using one (a-la singleton), so when you end up comparing those 2 objects…well, they’re different.

This was a trivial fix and we’ve already released 1.0.2 to address the issue. As usual:

bash <(curl https://www.abs-lang.org/installer.sh)

…and start scripting like it’s 2019!