It’s no secret I’ve been spending some time having fun with ABS, a programming language with a terse and concise syntax that can simplify working with shell commands.

A few weeks ago I needed to remove a file from all of Namshi’s private GitHub repositories and did so with an ABS script.

Let’s get to it!

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While getting ready for 1.0.0, we merged some changes that created a very funny behaviour:

null == null # false

If you’re wondering what the problem is, well, when we evaluate null we always create a new Null object rather than re-using one (a-la singleton), so when you end up comparing those 2 objects…well, they’re different.

This was a trivial fix and we’ve already released 1.0.2 to address the issue. As usual:

bash <(curl

…and start scripting like it’s 2019!

This was a fairly quick and informative read, one that maybe dosn’t fully justify its price, currently trending at around $30 from Amazon.

At the end of the day, though, I’m happy with my choice and certainly cannot complain, as the book gave me a couple interesting ideas / perspectives that I would have missed otherwise — and I was pretty excited to read Brendan Burns‘ take, one of Kubernetes’ fathers, on distributed systems.

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Boy, what a book!

This goes right into the list of books I would have wanted to read 10 years ago: a masterpiece on programming languages, with the author showcasing an excellent ability to write couple with extremely exhaustive — but never boring — content.

Long story short, the interpreter book should definitely be on your 2019 reading list unless you’ve already read it. If that’s the case, give the book another try, it’s probably worth it.

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