The hope is that IE will drown in 2 years

More than a decade ago the first browser war made his victim: it was Netscape, which couldn’t compete with Microsoft and its IE: after long time, it’s time for this decadent winner to retreat.

Today I was spending a few minutes on IcanUse, a brilliant service which gives you informations on features implemented by modern web browsers: not surprisingly, IE is a total disappointment.

So I decided to take a look at what the current browsers are implementing, retrieving some nice charts to compare them against each other:

It’s not a surprise that IE9 is the worst browser out there, but this made me think about how long it will be a competitor in the market.

IE is slowly dying, we all know: just as netscape, it’s not able to face competitors pushing hard to deliver the best web-browsing experience.

It will take a few months, maybe years, to see IE leaving the market kicked out by the yougsters, nontheless it will be a great day for the internet: the day that who fights for the innovation will definitely overwhelm who sits on top of his past, glorious days.

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